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We provide true single source convenience with a broad and competitive product range of well selected premium brands. As technically qualified companies, we offer expert advice and deliver the right products of the required quality on the agreed delivery date at a fair market price, backed up with consistent after sales service.

Through our own strong technical abilities, we supplement the brands of world class leading suppliers with our own innovative market driven developments. State-of-the-art test benches enable simulations, series and individual tests, of components and complete systems.

Our unique network of expertise, our local presence, our application knowhow and our flexibility, makes us a reliable and independent solution provider in the industry.


We are a leading company in our core activities and offer our customers high quality products and services. The keys to our success are the network of expertise and the skills of our employees.

Our goal at Hydena is to supply our customers with superior quality products at affordable prices, delivered on time and backed up with consistent after sales service and technical support they can rely upon.

Our capacity as a technical trading company. We have the ability to provide many diverse industries with a complete engineering solution for all their application needs.

We constantly monitor our partners and our customers' feedback and accept the ever increasing demands of the competition. We therefore maintain and enhance customer satisfaction. The development of the supplier relationships both personal and qualitative aspects the company management hopes the fulfilling of the standards of the owners.

Hydena's industrial automation business provides control components and systems for factory automation, helping companies realize their manufacturing goals.


  • Solution provider for power transmission and motion control industries
  • Innovative automation solutions for many areas of drive technology
  • The most versatile range of products available in the market
  • Exceptional price‐performance ratio
  • Custom solutions tailored to specific applications
  • Special solutions according to the customer’s needs, from product conception to production
  • Products that assure efficient and safe operation of equipment
  • Wide variety of products
  • Qualified and motivated staff
  • Quick reactions to customer inquires & prompt responses to all customers

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KHK Standard Stock Gears Delivery are 7 business days, Contact us for more information.

Aventics's ISO & Rodless Cylinder 5 business days delivery.