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rex1HYDENA has expertise throughout the hydraulic fields. Whether it is repairs for a complete catastrophic failure of hydraulic systems or piping installations, we have a broad range of experiences.
Hydraulics by HYDENA offers an extensive hydraulic and electro-hydraulic product line, engineered to meet applications as well in the mobile as in the industrial sector. 

Our local subsidiaries, assure you best engineering expertise and most rapid deliveries. We provide true single source convenience with innovative components and complete systems.

Hydraulics by HYDENA has a tradition of more than 7 years in the distribution, development, and manufacture of hydraulic components and systems.

We provide one source convenience with a broad and competitive product range of well selected premium brands, combined with group wide efficient logistics, innovative engineering and premium services.


HYDENA serves the needs of manufacturing facilities including Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Cement Industries, Petro Chemical, Steel Plants, Packaging and Processing, Foundries, and Semiconductor and Electronics.  We supply hydraulic components and hydraulic power units for all your industrial needs.

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 Cement Industry  Steel Mill  Plastic Machinery and Die Casting
hr4 hr5 hr6
Shipyard Equipment Civil Engineering Oil Rigs


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Whether it is in the marine field or on land, piping installation is another one of our many areas of expertise.


HYDENA offers a full line of hydraulic products. Our warehouse is stocked with various filters, fittings, seals, flanges, valves, cylinders for the most common hydraulic applications.

We also pride ourselves on great relationships with many brand name manufacturers and distributors of all types of hydraulic product lines.

These relationships enable us to provide fast delivery at exceptional savings to our customers.

Call us for a quote on any of the products listed below. If you have a hard time finding the item in need of replacement, let our knowledgeable team do the searching for you.

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 Pumps Motors Cylinders Oil coolers
 h5  h6  h7  h8
Hoses & Tubing Control Valve Fittings Seals


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